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Fringe Benefits 101: All Your Questions Answered

What are fringe benefits? We'll walk you through the definition and help you pick out the best perks for your workplace.

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Kris Hoppe
Mar 31, 20162 minutes
Learn what fringe benefits are, and which are best for your team.

All the terminology around fringe benefits can get confusing. Fringe benefits, regular benefits, perks, rewards — how can you tell them apart?

Put simply, fringe benefits are an additional benefit on top of an employee’s salary. They’re the same as perks and can range from a company car to team meals out on the town.

So, which fringe benefits should you offer, and what will make the biggest difference to employees? We’ve rounded up our past articles on how to sort out the difference between the two, and how to pick ones that will make your workplace shine.

What Are Fringe Benefits?


What’s the Difference Between an Employee Benefit and Perk?

We outline the differences between the two. Our introductory post also suggests several companies that can help you integrate performance-based rewards.

The Ins and Outs of Fringe Benefits: What is Non-Taxable?

Are de minimis benefits taxed? What about adoption assistance or tuition reduction? This handy chart will show you the employee requirements for tax exclusion. 

Perks In the Workplace


Employee Perks That Will Help You Attract Talent

Unlimited paid time off? A stocked kitchen? We have a few ideas that will make your workplace more attractive to competitive hires.

Master Employee Appreciation at Work With These 35 Inexpensive Ideas

Attracting talent doesn’t have to be expensive. From flexible schedules to company potlucks or board games in the breakroom, most of these ideas are practically free.

The Ins and Outs of Fringe Benefits

Clear up any confusion around fringe benefits.

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