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Justworks Lovin' - Our Customer Referral Program

Have you heard about our Justworks referral program? Yep, we want to pay you for what you've already been doing: telling your friends about Justworks.

Julia Averbuck, Justworks
Julia Averbuck
Oct 07, 20152 minutes
Make it rain with the Justworks referral program

Welcome to the Justworks Lovin’, our official referral program. We’re offering members of our community an incentive to do what they already do so well: tell their friends about Justworks.

Below, we'll outline all the details of the referral program. Ready to get started referring new customers? Head to our referrals page.

If you want more information on Justworks first, we understand. Get our CEO Isaac Oates' first-hand account on why he built Justworks. Visit our help center or tweet us @Justworks.

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How The Justworks Referral Program Works

It's pretty simple: You tell your friends about Justworks. When they join, we’ll pay you $100 dollars per employee at the company you referred. This means that:

If you refer a company with 2 employees — You make $200

If you refer a company with 10 employees — You make $1,000

If you refer a company with 100 employees — You make $10,000

Refer a friend to Justworks.

How Do I Refer Them to Justworks?

Tell your friends you think could benefit from better payroll, benefits and operational support about Justworks. You can send them directly to our referrals page, where they can get started learning more about Justworks.

We’ll reach out to you once your referral becomes a paying customer.

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch, but a detail to keep in mind: we issue your referral payment to you once your referral signs on and runs their first payroll using Justworks.

Our referral payment to you will include $100 for each employee at the referred company at the moment their first payroll runs. If the company you referred hires more employees after they are already a client, we will not compensate you for these additional employees.

Once you’re eligible to receive the payment, we’ll reach out directly to establish how you’d like to get paid.

Can I Participate If I’m Not a User of Justworks?

Absolutely! We welcome anyone spreading the word and participating in the referral program, customer or not.

If you have questions about the program or any referrals you’ve made, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Now go make it rain.

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