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Need Help Picking an Outsourced HR and Payroll Solution? Get This Guide

When you’re making decisions about outsourced HR and payroll, the options can become overwhelming. Download our HR Solutions Buyer’s Guide for help.

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Jul 06, 20183 minutes

HR solutions are third-party service providers who can help ease the administrative burden of certain HR functions such as payroll, benefits administration, and policy creation.

By having access to tech-forward HR tools and a team of industry experts, you’ll have more of your time back to focus on growing your team and delivering on your business goals.

But determining which solution will be the best fit for your business depends on a number of factors. Where do you start?

Ready for a deep dive on outsourcing HR? Download our buyer's guide for Choosing the Right HR Outsourcing Provider for tips and worksheets to help you make the best choice.

Key Considerations for Outsourcing HR

A great place to begin the process of choosing an HR solution is by answering some questions about your company and what your needs are. Here are a few important questions:

Choosing the Right HR Outsourcing Provider

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Does the solution address my immediate needs?

Likely the first issue to consider is what you need right now. While every business needs a way to pay their employees, not all businesses have a need for time and attendance tracking, for example. And in fact, not every all-in-one solution or professional employer organization (PEO) addresses certain functionalities. Find the best way to meet your basic requirements for features and functionality, and build from there.

What kind of benefits do I need?

Being able to offer benefits helps small businesses not only hold on to their more valuable employees, but also bring in top talent. It’s important to come to the table with a good idea of what your current — and potential — employees want and need in terms of health coverage, and what you’re willing to spend on it.

Small businesses can often offer employees better benefits at better rates through a PEO — benefits they may not otherwise be able to afford. In general, all PEOs offer access to health insurance as a part of their services. However, the providers they work with and the richness of the plans can vary greatly.

If offering access to health insurance isn’t in the cards for your business at this time, many all-in-one solutions and PEOs offer access to their other services like payroll and compliance support with the ability to opt in to additional benefits at a later date.

What kinds of HR services do I need?

If you don’t have a HR representatives in-house, you may want to consider a solution that offers services around managing your team. Some solutions help with specific HR functions, such as applicant tracking. These can be a great fit for smaller businesses, or simply for those who need to fill a gap in a certain area.

For those looking to outsource HR on a broader level, there are some HR solutions that do provide fully outsourced HR. Be sure to note the difference between fully-outsourced HR and HR support, and understand which is best for your business. Many PEOs, for example, offer HR support via access to seasoned HR specialists, who can provide you with valuable knowledge and insight but should not be considered a replacement for an in-house HR team.

Justworks Can Help

In our buyer's guide Choosing the Right HR Outsourcing Provider, we’ve laid out additional questions to get your decision-making process on track. The guide also includes an overview of the various types of HR solutions available, key considerations by company size, and printable worksheets to help you prioritize your needs.

Download the guide for all this helpful information, and get on your way to selecting the best outsourced HR solution for your business.

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