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Why We Launched a 24/7 Customer Support Team in NYC

Justworks is proud to launch our 24/7 Customer Support team, after months of planning and piloting. Here’s what went into the decision.

Jason Whitman, VP of CS and ES
Jason Whitman
Nov 06, 20172 minutes
The New York City skyline at night

I usually don’t think about my paychecks and health insurance plans during the day. If I’m updating my WageWorks transit deductions or choosing a new insurance plan, I’m usually doing it at home before or after traditional “business hours.” We know a lot of our customers have similar experiences.

Making sure we’re available when and where our customers need us is really important to us as a company. That’s why we’re proud to be launching our 24/7 Customer Support team today, after months of planning and piloting. This group will support Justworks customers via the channels they already love — phone, email, live chat, and Slack — whenever they need us.

Along with the choice to move to 24/7 support, we made the decision to build this team in NYC. While outsourcing is often perceived as an “easier” path, we felt like growing this team in NYC would better deliver on our service promise to customers. Here’s why.

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It’s Who We Are

Our CEO, Isaac Oates, started Justworks in NYC. Almost all of our employees are here, as are many of our customers. We’re committed to reflecting NYC in our workforce, and this effort was a natural expression of that commitment.

It Keeps Us Connected

Although some of our 24/7 employees will work from home, having them local allows us to more easily keep them involved in our business and culture. For example, our overnight and weekend teams were able to train and onboard in our office like any other Customer Support employees would.

It’s Simpler

Simplicity is one of our core values, and it guided us in this project. Having all of our employees in NYC allows for a lighter and simpler management layer and easier communications with employees.

I’m proud to offer this level of service to our customers, and am equally proud of the work that went into developing it, from the recruiters and managers who hired this team, to the trainers who got them up to speed in record time, to the employees who dedicated themselves to learning our business and making this plan a reality.

For our customers, I’m excited for you to experience this. Please share your feedback with us at, so we can keep evolving to help you work fearlessly.

Jason Whitman is the VP of Employee and Customer Success at Justworks.

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