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The R&D Tax Credit Is Money On The Table For Small & Medium Businesses

Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023  |  10:00am EST  |  online
Boast + Justworks: The R&D Tax Credit Is Money On The Table For Small & Medium Businesses

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About the Event

The R&D tax credit is a powerful tool for businesses to spur innovation and invest in research and development activities. In addition to the federal credit, many states also offer their own R&D credits, providing even more opportunities for eligible companies to save money on taxes. For qualified small businesses, the payroll tax credit option can allow them to offset payroll taxes with the R&D credit. By taking advantage of these tax incentives, businesses can take control of their future and invest in the development of new products, services, and technologies. By leveraging the R&D tax credit, businesses can not only save money on taxes, but also stay competitive in their industry by staying at the forefront of innovation.

What will be covered:

  • What activities qualify for R&D Tax Credits
  • Which expenses qualify for R&D Tax Credits
  • Things to consider when applying for R&D
  • Payroll R&D tax credits for qualified small businesses
  • Deadlines to file payroll tax credits
  • How to submit your R&D payroll credits with Justworks


Ashley Crawford photo
Ashley Crawford
Director of Customer Delivery, Boast

Ashley leads US Customer Delivery at Boast, where she helps businesses access and utilize tax incentives. She is a highly experienced R&D tax professional with a proven track record of helping businesses maximize their tax credits and incentives. For over 10 years, Asheley has been dedicated to identifying and analyzing eligible R&D activities and preparing all necessary documentation to support tax credit claims.

Anastasia Hambali photo
Anastasia Hambali
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Boast

Anastasia is a seasoned startup operator with two M&A and 10+ years of experience helping companies scale. She currently leads partnerships efforts at Boast and is passionate about helping founders find the best capital stack to scale their companies.

Matthew Oberting photo
Matthew Oberting
Director of Payroll and Tax Operations, Justworks

Matthew has over 20 years of payroll and payroll tax compliance experience, with 8 years in the PEO industry. He has a BBA in Accounting and Communications from Eastern Michigan University and holds both a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) and Canadian Payroll designation from the American Payroll Association (APA).

Luke Zeller photo
Luke Zeller
Group Product Manager, Payroll and Justworks

Luke is a Group Product Manager with 15 years of experience in technology, specializing in payroll and tax. He holds a degree in accounting and began his career in tax before pivoting to tech. Luke has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions that meet customer needs and drive business growth. With in-depth knowledge of the industry, Luke is passionate about simplifying complex processes for businesses.