Access to High-Quality Health Insurance

Meet the diverse needs of your team with access to a greater variety of health insurance plans.

The Power of a Group

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Access better benefits at better prices with Justworks.

How? We band our customers together under the Justworks umbrella. We then work with trusted providers to secure top-notch benefits and perks with our group's buying power.

More Than Just Health Insurance

With Justworks, access to top health and wellness services comes built into your health insurance coverage – at no additional cost. And your team can seamlessly enroll in, view, and manage their coverage within Justworks' modern, all-in-one platform.

POS + HDHP High Deductible HSA Compatible

$3,000 Deductible

$6,000 Out-of-Pocket Max

No Co-Insurance


Out-of-Network Deducitble
EPO Basic In-Network Only

$1,000 Deductible

$4,000 Out-of-Pocket Max

80% Co-insurance

Out-of-Network not covered
POS Value In & Out of Network

$2,000 Deductible

$6,000 Out-of-Pocket Max

80% Co-insurance


Out-of-Network Deductible

EPO Premium In-Network Only

No Deductible

$3,500 Out-of-Pocket Max

No Co-insurance

Out-of-Network not covered
HMO Value In-Network Only

No Deductible

$1,500 Out-of-Pocket Max

100% Co-insurance

Out-of-Network not covered

Your employees will also have access to One Medical's on-demand primary care services and Health Advocate's personal health advocacy services at no extra charge.

*Please note benefits and perks accessed through Justworks may vary by location. Please contact Justworks for more information about options available in your area.

Quality Coverage at a Fair and Competitive Rate

When it comes to health insurance, our goal is to provide access to plans at fair rates and pair them with healthcare experiences and resources, so you and your team can get more value from your overall healthcare experience.

Our data-driven underwriting process gives us a holistic view of your team’s unique needs so we can provide you with the most accurate quote and predictable costs when you renew your health insurance plans in coming plan years.

Modern Health and Wellness Perks

With access to top health and wellness services included with your health insurance plans, you can go beyond the status quo by offering your team services for mental health, primary care, and care navigation.

401(k), Commuter Benefits, HSAs, and More

Keep your team happy and engaged with a wide variety of benefits on top of our health and wellness perks. With rich 401(k) retirement plans, your employees can invest anywhere, including big fund managers like Vanguard and Fidelity.

Commuter benefits through ConnectYourCare are available, and can save your employees’ hundreds of dollars on their commute, while giving them the flexibility to commute how they want. Justworks also provides health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) to help your employees pay off medical expenses while lowering their taxable income.

Access To Benefits:

  • Health Insurance
  • Vision and Dental Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Savings Account (HSAs)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
  • Short- & Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Disability Insurance
  • On-Demand Primary Care Services
  • Health Advocacy Services
  • Fitness Memberships at Exclusive Rates
  • Citi Bike Memberships

"In addition to significant time saved through outsourcing the admin, we were also able to save in the region of $60,000 on projected [benefits] costs for the coming year.”




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