We’re committed to leveling the playing field for underrepresented entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the American dream—and the American economy.

Each new business creates jobs, spurs innovation, and strengthens its community. Yet starting and running a business in America is like navigating an obstacle course. Entrepreneurs have to raise financing, build products, find customers, and ultimately deliver revenues and profits.

Entrepreneurship is challenging, even more so when faced with unfair barriers.

Entrepreneurship is challenging enough on its own, but disparities in opportunity along race, gender, sexual orientation, and other socioeconomic lines make access to these fundamentals a major obstacle for many entrepreneurs in realizing their potential.

We’re driven by our mission to help entrepreneurs and businesses grow with confidence.

We know that for this to truly happen there must be equitable access to resources and opportunities. Through Justworks.org, we’ll build on our mission and level the playing field by removing unfair barriers to entrepreneurship.

How We Will Do This

Justworks has committed 1% of the company’s equity and profits to removing unfair barriers for underrepresented founders.

High-impact grantmaking

Justworks.org will initially focus on supporting incubators and other organizations that help early stage minority and women-owned (MWBE) businesses access the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

Business incubation

Justworks.org will build its own incubator for MWBE startups that serve the small business community - a traditionally underserved market that Justworks specializes in.

Product accessibility

Through the Just Thrive program, we will make Justworks more accessible, inclusive, and valuable for MWBE businesses and organizations that align with our charter.