Finding an easier way to pay
Nomadworks wanted an easier way to pay everyone. Keeping regulations and requirements straight for each individual and state can be challenging.


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How it Began

Launched in 2011, Nomadworks (formerly Grind) is creating a work culture for the 22nd-century workforce - outside the system. With offices in New York City, this members-only coworking space and community takes away all of the frustrations of working the old corporate way. Started by six co-founders, Nomadworks offers members not only a place to work but also a community of like-minded people who can share advice and skills.

Like many employees at startups, Christina Boland, Director of Operations, wears many hats. “I’m a Jill of all trades. My role is to keep [Nomadworks] running. A big part of what I do is HR, which is where Justworks comes in.”

Before Nomadworks started working with Justworks, payroll was handled by one of the co-founders. “We were using BenefitMall which is basically enterprise software. It’s really confusing. It was hard to get in touch with them. There were unresolved issues with unemployment tax and worker’s compensation.”

“Justworks doesn’t provide any room for human error. Payroll is completely plug and play.”

Why Nomadworks Chooses Justworks

All-in-one solution

Justworks is a modern, tech-forward platform that you and your team will love to use.

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Easy onboarding

Justworks provides a seamless onboarding experience for you and your new employees.

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An All-In-One Solution

According to Boland, the impetus for the initial move to Justworks was to find an easier way to pay everyone. The company had offices in two different states and plans on expanding to more. Keeping the different regulations and requirements straight for each unique individual and state can be challenging.

“We’re a startup. We don’t have a huge budget. I like to think of myself as a smart and capable person but a lot of this stuff is way over my head. I was learning about taxes, different compliance needs and labor laws I didn’t know existed.”

Thankfully, Boland has been able to utilize Justworks as a resource for managing the paperwork for all of its team members across multiple states.

Having one resource for all the HR needs saves precious time for Boland and allows her to focus on other aspects of her job. Her predecessor used to spend hours on payroll before turning to Justworks.

“Aside from calculating on our own end how much to pay everyone, it takes me almost no time. The hardest part is going over our employees’ time sheets, mostly due to human error when they fill them out. But Justworks doesn’t provide any room for human error. Payroll is completely plug and play.”

Not only does Justworks simplify payroll across state lines but also the concierge services help her avoid some HR minefields. “Justworks handles our worker’s comp, remote employees, compliance and taxes. The biggest and best issue Justworks solves for us is compliance. I can have a conversation with somebody at Justworks that knows the ins and outs and how it applies to me. It’s a huge comfort to go through it with the guidance from Justworks."

Stress-Free Set Up and Onboarding

When a new employee joins the Nomadworks team, all Boland needs to do is invite the team member to the platform and Justworks takes care of the rest. Employees can get set up in the comfort of their homes where they have access to all the necessary documentation.

“I really like being able to send employees their own invites. When we hire someone new, it’s so nice to have all of the forms accessible online. They can fill their W-4 and I-9 out at home and it’s not a big deal if they forget to bring something in. Employees input the relevant information and it stores direct deposit information immediately. The employee onboarding process is really fast and easy.”

Having looked into a few options for handling the HR element, Nomadworks ultimately chose Justworks because of its intuitive user experience and simple design.

“The fact that you have a beautiful, clean website with good UX is a big deal. The site is so clearly laid out. We were nervous we were missing something because it was so easy. It’s been pretty foolproof. There’s no way for me or an employee to mess up.”

And then everything is in one place and easy to find. No more wasting time looking from file to file. All of the pertinent paperwork is digital and accessible through the site.

“Anytime I have a question about anything employer-related from an employee’s phone number to commuter benefits, I just go right to the site. If I do have questions, Justworks has customer support that can answer any questions you’re stressed about.” Having a responsive team at Justworks via email and phone has helped Nomadworks quickly get the answers to any questions that come up.

"Justworks is a startup for startups. It’s nice to work with another company that completely understands what we have to do and what we’re going through. It’s nice to have a company that empathizes with us. It makes it a lot easier to have a harmonious relationship."

A Startup For Startups

One of the biggest wins for Nomadworks is that Justworks really understands the specific issues inherent to startups and that Justworks can grow with Nomadworks as it continues to expand. “Justworks is a startup for startups. It’s nice to work with another company that completely understands what we have to do and what we’re going through. It’s nice to have a company that empathizes with us. It makes it a lot easier to have a harmonious relationship.”

Like many other startup employees, Boland has had to pick up new skills quickly to fill a void. Justworks has been a great resource for getting the knowledge she needs to avoid any potentially big mistakes in her expanded role.

“Before [Nomadworks], I was new to HR and operations. It’s nice to have a support system to help me through it. Before we signed up, I thought about Justworks as a payroll site. I hadn’t realized Justworks could be a resource for our worker’s comp, our remote employees, and compliance and taxes. I’m terrified of messing up on compliance for legal ramifications and fines. It’s really great to have that educational resource. Realizing that I can just turn to Justworks for help or find it easily on the site has been a huge relief for me. I would feel stranded without it.”

Justworks understands what it’s like to rely on others to get the help and service needed to ramp up a startup. The top-notch, responsive customer service has been another invaluable feature for Boland. “It feels like Justworks is my training wheels. I can learn all this stuff, but they are holding my hand through it and preventing me from doing any serious damage.”