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When you’ve run a company for decades that’s known for its excellence and tech-forward approach, finding worthy partners isn’t always an easy task.

That’s the challenge HPC faced when looking for a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, to offer additional services to their clients.

HPC offers cloud-based services with tech-savvy certified public accountants. They advise on a number of topics — everything from year-round tax advisory to incorporation and registration for businesses expanding to the US from abroad.

As Tina Duncan, HR and Payroll Specialist at HPC, put it, “We strive to be a strategic growth partner, not just an accounting or bookkeeping firm for our clients.”

So when the first PEO service they worked with disappointed, HPC decided to partner with Justworks to help out their clients.

How Justworks Benefits HPC’s Business

HPC targets SaaS, professional services, e-commerce, and companies expanding to the US from abroad. Justworks helps small- to medium-sized businesses gain access to health insurance, administer payroll, and get support with compliance needs.

Below are just a few ways Justworks strengthens the quality of HPC’s offerings.

Our partnerships are part of our solution. It’s nice to know we can refer our clients to someone like Justworks.

Tina duncan hpc

Tina Duncan

HR and Payroll Specialist

Offering Cloud-Based Solutions

HPC is completely cloud-based with virtual employees everywhere, so tech-forward partnerships have helped HPC expand offerings to clients. “Our partnerships are part of our solution,” said Tina. “It’s nice to know we can refer our clients to someone like Justworks.”

Targeting Global Entrepreneurs

In addition to tech-forward clients, partnering with Justworks helps HPC appeal to domestic clients who are looking to hire employees in multiple states. “Justworks helps them navigate their benefit options on the multistate level,” said Tina.

Through Justworks, HPC also offers assistance to global entrepreneurs who are expanding to the United States with nimble teams. “Justworks not only helps to secure benefits for these individuals, but can also help them navigate cumbersome registration requirements,” said Tina.

Gaining More Client Referrals

Getting more quality referrals never hurts business. As Tina put it, “When we have clients who are pleased with what we are offering, they are more likely to refer us more business.” By partnering with Justworks and offering their clients indispensable perks, HPC is expanding their customer base even more.

How HPC Gets the Word Out

HPC knows that sharing their partnership with Justworks helps increase client satisfaction and referrals, so they find several different ways to get the word out.

“We bring up Justworks when a company is hiring,” said Tina. “I also typically mention Justworks to our global clients who are looking to expand to the US when discussing all the benefits they currently offer their employees abroad.”

Most of HPC’s clients have robust benefit plans in place for their employees abroad, and don’t want to see the quality deteriorate in the US. “We always think of PEO and mention Justworks at that point, because these clients are looking to give their employees in the states the same benefits as their international employees,” said Tina.

Interested in Partnering with Justworks?

Justworks can help your company offer your clients more, gain access to HR tools, and even earn rewards. Feel free to reach out and read more about our partnership program.

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